Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twisted Military is Released

My newest game is finally out in the wild. Run free! Don't let anyone change who you are!

It's a great driving shooter so if you're interested in some action head over and check it out!

Play Twisted Military


Anonymous said...

What were you thinking when you made the ice level? Are you just that horrible at writing physics? This is moronic.

Keith Kong said...

The ice level is a bit challenging due to the physics, but as you said... it's on ice! Thanks for playing the game, though. I hope you at least enjoyed the previous levels :)

Anonymous said...

its not really relevant to this but I wanted to make sure you saw my comment. I've played the last two of your games that you posted on and just decided to finally check out your site and I love the renegade commanders game! can you make a 2nd one?!? also the guy that made the tank RTS game based on C&C on newgrounds is currently making a game that is even bigger and better than both tank RTS and C&C combined! =D it can hold up more units too! You should check it out! Also, the only thing thats holding the game back is the Ai he has because he wants to make the game just about perfect unlike his tank RTS game which he had to re make and adjust 3-4 times! His name on newgrounds is Assholela