Sunday, May 18, 2008

Bringing Command and Conquer to Flash

Who doesn't like Command and Conquer? From little five pixel men running around, to Tanya screaming "Shake it baby!" and single handedly wiping out an entire squad with two pistols, the older versions are the best. In fact, they've inspired me to bring the same feel into the flash world but with an added touch of 3D.

For the past two months I've been working on mastering 3D programming. A while back I developed a first person shooter (see Prototypes) but developing characters and large enough maps proved to slow the game down ridiculously. Playing around I developed a mapping that allowed me to piece together tiled images over a plane. After seeing it I knew I had to develop a strategy game. The very mapping technique talk about is used in the preview images below. The game can run anywhere from 7 to 15 fps, depending on how many units are built. It is programmed to run at 10 fps, so unless you build all the possible units before attacking, you will experience at least game speed.

All soldiers, tanks, and buildings take time to build.

You can select multiple units by creating a selectors box with your mouse or by pressing shift before clicking on another unit.

Buildings repair with the classic wrench. The enemy strategy is not yet perfected, though. If the scenario above were to continue, no units would ever attack the cannon tank. Also, there are no explosions as of now.

Once the strategy is fixed up a little, the graphics are finished, and I come up with a cool name, I'll release a beta for those that are interested. Oh, and I need some voice recordings of people saying things like, "Coolin my engines", "I'll be there", and "They fall like birds!" That's my favorite part of these games!