Sunday, April 13, 2008

San Francisco State Sneak Preview

Yesterday I traveled up to good old San Francisco for the SFSU sneak preview. Let me express my immediate feeling of eagerness to escape my high school captivity after a few moments on campus. The professors presented themselves as intelligent and clear, especially the head of mathematics. I know this sounds antonymical (to use a big word that I don't think exists... yet) but I'm pretty excited to take Calculous. I liked the Computer Science department as well (fitting since that's what I'm planning to major in). There's a good student/professor ratio and a good deal of opportunities both in and outside of the school. The way it was presented (granted this could be blown up a little) it seemed like getting an internship is relatively easy and usually with pay. It feels like the next few years are going to be fun. Well, enough with the parenthesis (which I have chosen to use frequently in this post) and on with my programming. Oh wait, I have to write a business plan for economics (comes to depressing realization of current high school dilemma). It seems I can neither program nor stop using parenthesis. Oh, the humanity!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Introducing Flash First Person 3D

I've been playing around with away3d and thought I'ld share something I've created. It's a first person shooter placed in the sky. You jump between floating rocks and shoot at flying smiley faces (hilarious, creepy, and a little dumb all at the same time). Granted it's not quite a game but hopefully it will become something of use in the near future. It really goes to show what flash is capable of when you put it to the test.

First Person 3D Prototype