Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Twisted Military Continues the Renegade Story

My newest project, Twisted Military, is in the final stages of development so I thought I would post a little sneak preview. The game is a subplot to Renegade Commanders but the genre is completely different. Renegade Commanders is an overhead Real Time Strategy while Twisted Military puts you inside a hummer stuck in the middle of the Renegade spread.

You drive through six intense missions that coincide with the Renegade Commanders plot. For those complaining about load time on Renegade Commanders, you'll be happy to hear Twisted Military is 1/4 the size.

You have infinite machine gun ammo but you can also pick up special weapons such as mines or lightning blasts (as shown to the right).

Crashes, bullets, and Renegade toxins all show up on your screen making for an intense battle experience.

The game still has some final touches before any beta testing will take place but keep an eye out if you're interested. Oh, and happy new year! I sort of forgot it happened :/