Saturday, November 20, 2010

Museum of Science Fiction takes off!

This last Monday my new game Museum of Science Fiction took off big with a front page spot on Kongregate and a review by! It's being called scary, eerie, humorous, and action packed all at the same time. The game features blood-thirsty lab zombies, anti-technology Amish robots, and five sisters turned into electric demons after an experiment gone deadly right.

So what's cool and rare about this game? A lot of people "loved how you can break the walls" (NewGrounds user andvari3d). Firing your weapon leaves bullet holes in the floor and walls, shells on the ground, and blood... the blood is everywhere. You could probably go CSI on the game and find out exactly what happened if you came in late to a friend playing.

Another feature you'll notice is the team based AI. A scientist's primary objective is to kill the escaped test subject (you) but if a zombie charges him he will redirect his fire to annihilate the immediate danger. Same goes for robots versus scientists. As Kongregate user Riley_Rocks puts it, they'll "technically, be your 'frenemy'." Do note, however, that zombies can't eat metal and they don't use technology so the robots and zombies work together just fine.

The game's epic size is best described by Kongregate user Stickbabiga:

"This museum > Smithsonian"

The game features 14 levels of expansive hallways to explore with an increasing number of enemies as you reach the top. It'll be a fun play whether you're looking to get your action on or simply want to search and explore. Different kinds of enemies combined with an ever dropping timer make for an intense playing experience. However, if you lose all your lives or run out of time you can still continue playing to find all the hidden notes and secrets. The only consequence is a lower score for that level.

Kongregate user ischomachos asked, "how badly do you have to screw up to unleash zombies and evil Amish robots on the world in the same week?" Well, the answer is this badly. Get them zombies and hypocritical robots!