Sunday, April 13, 2008

San Francisco State Sneak Preview

Yesterday I traveled up to good old San Francisco for the SFSU sneak preview. Let me express my immediate feeling of eagerness to escape my high school captivity after a few moments on campus. The professors presented themselves as intelligent and clear, especially the head of mathematics. I know this sounds antonymical (to use a big word that I don't think exists... yet) but I'm pretty excited to take Calculous. I liked the Computer Science department as well (fitting since that's what I'm planning to major in). There's a good student/professor ratio and a good deal of opportunities both in and outside of the school. The way it was presented (granted this could be blown up a little) it seemed like getting an internship is relatively easy and usually with pay. It feels like the next few years are going to be fun. Well, enough with the parenthesis (which I have chosen to use frequently in this post) and on with my programming. Oh wait, I have to write a business plan for economics (comes to depressing realization of current high school dilemma). It seems I can neither program nor stop using parenthesis. Oh, the humanity!

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